What is the Difference Between AWD and 4WD?

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“Is AWD the same as 4WD?” “What is the difference between AWD and 4WD?” Our team at Scott Evans Nissan has heard it all before! And they’re always happy to help you learn the difference. So what is the difference between AWD and 4WD, and is AWD or 4WD a better option for you? Find out here in this helpful guide, and then browse our inventory of new AWD and 4WD Nissan models for sale on our lot.

What is AWD?

AWD, short for all-wheel drive, is a drivetrain configuration in which torque is sent from the Nissan engine to the front and rear axles to all four wheels by way of the differentials. There are dozens of unique AWD systems, including full-time AWD and part-time AWD. Full-time AWD systems direct torque to the front and rear axles all the time, while part-time AWD systems monitor Newnan road conditions to decide when to send torque only to the front axle. This is just one of several differences between AWD vs. 4WD.

What is 4WD?

4WD (four-wheel drive) is a traditional 4×4 drivetrain that’s commonly associated with trucks and SUVs. The main difference between 4WD and AWD is that 4WD systems deliver power to the front and rear axles and direct a particular amount of energy between the left and right wheels. 4WD systems are created to maximize off-road ability around Douglasville and are typically on vehicles with truck-based platforms.

Which is Better: AWD or 4WD?

Now that you’ve compared AWD vs. 4WD, you may have an idea if AWD is better than 4WD for you. There’s no one-size-fits-all option when you decide between AWD and 4WD, and it depends on your exact priorities. AWD vehicles are generally the best option for most suburban drivers around Villa Rica looking for better traction during inclement weather conditions. 4WD vehicles might be a better choice for those Carrollton drivers that go off-road.

Browse AWD and 4WD Vehicles at Scott Evans Nissan!

Carrollton drivers will find plenty of new AWD and 4WD Nissan vehicles currently in stock at Scott Evans Nissan. We also have some AWD and 4WD pre-owned inventory. Why not drop by and find the one best for you? Our finance experts will work hard to get you the new Nissan of your dreams at a price you can afford. Contact us when you’re ready to take home the new Nissan your family needs.

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