How to Sell a Car at a Dealership

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The quickest and easiest way to save money on your next vehicle? Selling your car to your dealership! Most Newnan-area dealerships are happy to purchase your current car and apply its value toward the cost of your next new or used Nissan vehicle. But how does selling your car to a dealership work when you get down to the details? Learn everything you need to know about how to sell a car at a dealership with the guide below from the finance center at Scott Evans Nissan! Keep this in mind, Scott Evans Nissan is offering a minimum of $1,500.00 over market value for your vehicle.

Preparing to Sell Your Car to a Dealership

For many Douglasville drivers, learning how to sell a car at a dealership has to do with getting the best possible offer. So, how can you maximize your car’s value before trading it in? Before you can bring your car to a dealership to sell, there are a few steps you can take to ensure a smooth and seamless sale:

  • Give Your Car a Clean-Up – You want your car to make a good first impression, so a thorough cleaning of the interior carpets and upholstery can go a long way. It’s also worth your while to get the exterior looking clean and shiny.
  • Make a Few Minor Repairs – If your car needs small replacement parts like windshield wipers or has minor dents or scratches in the exterior paint, taking care of these issues can add to the impression of a vehicle that’s been well-maintained.
  • Don’t Bother With Major Repairs – It may seem counter-intuitive, but taking your car in for major repairs prior to trading in probably won’t save you any money. Your dealership has a team of certified mechanics on hand to repair trade-ins, so it will cost them a lot less to fix your car than it would cost you.
  • List Your Car’s Selling Points – Call attention to your car’s best attributes by listing desirable features like leather seating, or accessories like bike mounts and roof racks.
  • Prepare the Documentation – Save time once you arrive at the dealership by preparing the necessary documents beforehand. You’ll need your car’s title, maintenance history, and lease or finance agreement.
  • Research Your Vehicle’s Value – Use our online Value Your Trade-In tool or resources at Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds to get a sense of what your car is worth.

How Does Selling Your Car to a Dealership Work?

So, what actually happens when you arrive at your local Villa Rica dealership? After you make the necessary preparations and schedule an appointment, the process for how to sell a car at a dealership typically goes like this:

  • Vehicle History Report – You will be paired with a Used Car Manager or a salesperson who will handle the sale and/or trade-in of your car. They’ll collect your documentation, gather the necessary info about your car, and run a full vehicle history report.
  • Vehicle Inspection -Next, your car will be carefully inspected by a certified technician at the dealership to determine its condition and quality.
  • Offer – Finally, the dealership will make you an offer for your car. You can accept the offer, make a case for a better offer, or have your car inspected at another dealership.

We Want to Buy Your Car!

Why sell your car to us? By eliminating the middleman and selling your car to a dealership, you can skip a whole lot of hassle. You won’t have to list your vehicle, schedule test drives with potential buyers, or wait for someone to decide to buy your car. Instead, you can simply drop your car off at your chosen dealership in Lithia Springs, immediately apply its value to your next purchase, and save even more with our new vehicle specials! If you’re ready to trade in and trade up at Scott Evans Nissan, contact us online or visit us in Carrollton today.


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