Auto Service & Repair Specials

Car Care Event

Loyalty has its perks. We’re treating Nissan owners and lessees to a chance to WIN $5,000! Entering is easy—simply fill in your information to get started. Don't forget, we are also offering a complimentary 100-point inspection.

EXPIRES: 03/31/2018
Regular Oil Change Special

Obviously cost is a big advantage for using regular motor oil. Everyone has a budget and for many price is a factor to consider for auto maintenance. Also, there is the fact that for older cars often regular oil is better.

EXPIRES: 02/28/2018
Synthetic Oil Change Special

Synthetic oil doesn't contain as many impurities so oil change intervals are less frequent than regular motor oil, better on the environment and does not leave much sludge on the engine. Synthetic oil tends to run better in hot or cold weather.

EXPIRES: 02/28/2018
Tire Rotation

While each tire can wear unevenly, tires on the front axle can also wear differently than tires on the rear axle. Regularly rotating them allows the tires to serve in both front and rear positions which help to even out the wear.

EXPIRES: 02/28/2018
Tire Special

New tires help provide optimal traction, handling, and performance capability on a variety of surfaces and inclement weather such as rain or snow. New tires can also decrease braking time and stopping distance.

EXPIRES: 02/28/2018
Alignment Special

If your vehicle isn't properly aligned your car is having to work extra hard to keep everything running properly because its parts are out of alignment. Proper alignment increases tire life, driving experience, better fuel efficiency and may prevent expensive repairs in the future.

EXPIRES: 02/28/2018