Is the Nissan Rogue AWD?

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Carrollton drivers know that all-wheel drive offers advanced control in the harshest conditions. They also know that the Nissan Rogue offers the comfort and connectivity their family needs to enjoy their Newnan drives. So it’s natural to wonder if there’s a Nissan Rogue AWD model. You’ll be excited to know that you can find Nissan Rogue AWD right here at Scott Evans Nissan!

In fact, you’ll notice that the Nissan Rogue offers all-wheel drive at every trim level, from the base model to Nissan Rogue SV AWD! Find out more about the Nissan Rogue AWD to stay safer on Newnan roads.

How Nissan Intelligent AWD Works

Nissan Rogue AWD is specifically the Nissan Intelligent AWD system. This utilizes a torque-split power distribution system that monitors road conditions with sensors and adjusts traction as needed. The Nissan Rogue Intelligent AWD system is a drivetrain that is proactive rather than reactive. While traditional AWD systems send power to all four wheels at all times in a set front/rear ratio, Nissan Rogue Intelligent AWD distributes power as needed to maximize traction and efficiency.

During times extra power isn’t needed, only the front wheels use power, saving fuel and increasing efficiency. The Rogue starts off in AWD to increase grip until it gets up to the required speed. Next, the Rogue conserves power by redirecting torque to the front wheels. If the Rogue encounters adverse traction conditions on Douglasville roads, then the Intelligent AWD system kicks in to redistribute power to any wheels that need better control.

Nissan Rogue AWD Lock

Why choose the Nissan Rogue over other AWD SUVs? The Nissan Rogue AWD Lock offers advanced capability and control in the toughest conditions. Nissan Rogue AWD Lock is essentially a low-speed regulator button that locks you into four-wheel drive, offering increased traction in snowy conditions or while off-roading. How does it work? By splitting power between the front and rear wheels for increased control, regardless of road conditions.

AWD Error on Nissan Rogue

We don’t want you to be surprised if the AWD error light comes on in your Nissan Rogue. If it does, there are multiple reasons why, all of which warrant a trip to our Nissan service center for inspection. There’s a good chance your AWD error light might be coming on because of a change in oil temperature. In this instance, you can pull over to let your Rogue engine rest until the light turns off — even if the light does turn off on its own, it may still be worthwhile to stop by our Lithia Springs-area Nissan service center.

Experience Intelligent AWD at Scott Evans Nissan

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