How to Properly Calculate Gas Mileage

Pumping Gas

If you’ve been thinking more about gas mileage lately, you’re not alone. The current price of gas has a lot of Newnan drivers doing the same. Perhaps you’re wondering how to calculate gas mileage. Do you need to use a gas mileage calculator to do that? What is considered good gas mileage in the first place? We want you to make an informed choice when you buy your next new car, so we’ve put together some answers below.

What is Considered Good Gas Mileage or Fuel-Efficient?

What is good gas mileage on a car? That really depends on the car. Small compact cars should be able to get over 30 miles per gallon on the highway, while larger SUVs are doing well to get over 20. Many hybrids can get over 40 miles per gallon or more, while many plug-in hybrids can reach the equivalent of nearly 100 miles per gallon. Other factors play a role, as well. For instance, an all-wheel drive vehicle is usually not quite as fuel-efficient as its 2WD counterpart. Many models come with multiple engine options and generally, the least powerful engine will also get the best gas mileage on our Douglasville roads, though this isn’t always the case.

Calculating Your Gas Mileage Step by Step

It’s not hard to find a gas mileage calculator online. However, these calculators require you to input all of the information you would normally write down if you were calculating the gas mileage yourself, and then they do some very simple math. So, we’ve listed some simple steps below on how to calculate gas mileage:

  1. Completely fill your tank the next time you get gas.
  2. Either reset the trip odometer to zero or take note of the exact mileage on the main odometer.
  3. Drive as you normally would around the Newnan area or beyond until you need to fill your tank again. The more gas you use before filling up, the more accurate your calculation will be.
  4. Again, fill the tank completely, taking note of exactly how many gallons it takes to fill the tank.
  5. Check your odometer to take note of how many miles you drove since the previous fill up.
  6. Divide the miles driven by the number of gallons pumped at your last fill up, or input all of the numbers you gathered from the steps above into an online gas mileage calculator.

Learn About the Nissan Lineup’s Gas Mileage With Scott Evans Nissan

Nissan vehicles are famous for their good gas mileage. In fact, we’ve put together a list of the most fuel-efficient Nissan vehicles. Why not come and take one or more of them for a test drive? And, if you’d like to learn more, check out our other Nissan model research. Remember, we’re just down the road from Villa Rica, so drop by or contact us today.


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