How to Fix a Dent in a Car

Car Dent or Scratch

Are you wondering how to fix a dent in your car in Newnan? Scott Evans Nissan lists the simple steps to fix the dent in your car as well as how to fix scratches on a car to maintain your car’s appearance. Also learn how to determine if a scratch or dent on your car is a more serious problem, needing work from body shop experts. Our expert service team at Scott Evans Nissan take you through the steps to know how to fix a dent in your car! And be sure to check out our service specials, if you need to fix a scratch on a car or how to check your tire tread.

How to Fix Scratches on Your Car

Needing to fix scratches on a car can be frustrating. Depending on the depth of the scratch, you might be able to fix scratches on your Douglasville car by yourself. Even though some scratches can be buffed or waxed out, some aren’t as easy to correct. While a few dings and scratches driving around Villa Rica are inevitable, removing them retain the value of your car and always be removed. While there are many kinds of scratches, the most common are clearcoat scratches. Read more as explaining correcting clear coat scratches. Finding scratches on your car is always frustrating.

Depending on the severity, you might be able to fix scratches on your car yourself. While some scratches can be buffed or waxed off, others aren’t so simple to remove. Unfortunately, a few scratches while driving around Orem are inevitable, but they can always be removed, which helps retain the value of your vehicle. There are different types of scratches, but the most common is clear coat scratches. Follow along below as we explain removing clear coat scratches from your vehicle.

Removing Clear Coat Scratches

The most common type of scratches on your car are clear coat scratches – maybe from debris on Villa Rica roads or your dog jumping on your car. Nevertheless, they are easy to remove:

  1. Clean the area with soapy water and dry with a towel. Dirt needs to be removes to prevent it from being rubbed into the paint, causing more damage.
  2. Tape around the scratch to mark it. You don’t lose the scratch.
  3. Gently sand the scratch down. Depending on the depth use 300 grit sandpaper or 5000 grit, if not too deep. Go against the grain of the scratch.
  4. Before sanding, spray the scratch and the sandpaper with water
    Continue to respray and sand the scratch until it disappears. If you started with 3000 grit, move to the 5000 grit to blend the scratch into the surrounding area.
  5. When the scratch is gone, clean the surface again. Polish the area with a microfiber towel, in a swirling motion. Then, with a clean towel, remove excess polish and lightly buff.
  6. Wax the surface to protect your clear coat.

How to Fix a Small Dent in Your Car

Fixing small dents in a car is part of being a driver in Carrollton. Learning how to fix small dents in a car can be done at home using these two methods:

  1. Pick up a suction cup dent puller from your local auto parts store, or from our parts department at Scott Evans Nissan. With this tool, you can create a strong vacuum with the suction cup, making it easy to pull out a dent.
  2. Another popular method involves a hairdryer and mallet, but it requires that you remove the body panel to fix it. After heating the dent with the hairdryer, take the mallet and gently knock the dent back into place. The heat from the dryer expands the metal and makes it easier to be pushed back into shape.

Fix Scratches on Your Car With Scott Evans Nissan!

Even though you now know how to fix a dent in your car as well as how to fix scratches in a car, leave the hard work to us! Schedule an appointment with the highly trained service team at Scott Evans Nissan.

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