Tire Service is Maintenance That Will Uphold Your Tire’s Longevity

March 6th, 2017 by
Tire Rotation


One of the parts of any vehicle that needs to be well maintained is the tires. As you may know, the tires are often making contact with a variety of harsh surfaces on a regular basis. By being exposed to harsh surfaces, the tires will wear out and have to be replaced. One of the best ways to delay the task of replacing the tires is to rotate them on a regular basis. Rotating the tires will allow you to maintain good traction as well as making sure that they stay balanced. One of the most convenient and essential times to get a tire rotation is when you take in the car to get an oil change. The service center will gladly assist you by completing a tire rotation as well as an oil change.

At your convenience, contact us at Scott Evans Nissan in Carrollton, GA, and we can help make sure your tires and overall vehicle functionality are where it should be.

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